Tag: Military


  • Colonel Robert Abish

    Abish has seen his share of battle, and odd things. and has come as a tactical Adviser to UP-UP. He is skeptical of all this but the evidence in the files he reads daily is hard to refute.

  • The General

    He is the Head of UPUP and indirectly Zee's "boss" (technically Zee is in his own office and division) so far all we know is he knows about the libraray and is probably the one trying to get the golden apple.

  • Lieutenant Carmen Espanosa

    an Identity Created by [[:major-zephan-zee-two-feathers | Zee]], Minka uses this Identity to get into the Pentagon. the cover story is that she has been Zee's Attache for two weeks and is learning about what Zee does in his X-files like division …