Maxwell Powers

CEO of Powers Industry


Max is a man of finer tastes. always in a finely tailored suit, his short blond hair is always in place and his beard groomed. He is a big deal and wants everyone to know it.


Max is the Son of Zeus and has put his energies into his company; Powers industries. from it he acts as his father for a new generation of Heroes. He holds a Bi-annual Mixer for the younger Greek Heroes to mingle and networks. Recently his dad has put him in charge of dealing with the theft of a Golden Apple, something he has hired Minka and her friends at the library to deal with. He also seems to have an Eye for Minka. Ormarr has seemed to indicate that Minka should be careful around Max as he has a tenancy to use other heroes as Assetts rather then heroes and would jump at the change to wrestle control of the Library from them

Maxwell Powers

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