Tag: Odin kin


  • Minka Soren

    Minka has lived an ordinary life up until now as a Librarian for the Lunsar Public Library. Minka was born and raised in Connecticut. Her parents split up when she was very small, and for the most part mom and step dad raised her. She was always told her …

  • Ellis "Shadow" Wotan

    He is of Odin's latest Generation of children the Eldest and often takes to be the Keeper of his younger Scions like Addy, Ormarr, Ian, and Gudrun. Some understand and go along like Ian and Gudrun, some understand but still resist Like Ormarr, and some, …

  • Odin

    Odin is as old as there have been people in Norway and the Germanic tribes. He is the all father but more importantly, he's [[:minka | Minka's]] Father. he recently gave her the Visitation when her Power was accidentally awoken by [[:adderison-addy-grey …

  • Herman Asland

    Herman is [[:minka | Minka's]] brother. He has a slight crush on [[:adderison-addy-grey | Addy]] He assisted in the battle in Iceland to get the apple. He is basically a messenger of the gods.