Tag: Freyja Kin


  • Adderison "Addy" Grey

    One day Addy showed up and the [[Lunasar Public Library | Lunasar Public Library]] to star a new job.... the truth of the matter is that Addy is in fact the daughter of Frejya and a Valkryie who is trying to escape her fate. Ironically she had previously …

  • Asheley "Ashe" Hamiton

    Ashe was Freyja's pride and joy...... until she went off the Rails. The Edda told that she would betray the Aesir so she decided the jump the gun. She tried to take [[:ormarr | Ormarr]] with her because of how he is fated to die.. but he turned her in. …

  • Avery Wingsong

    Avery is [[:adderison-addy-grey | Addy]] and [[:ashe | Ashe's]] older sister. She is credited as a resurgence in Scions working hard. She is married to Ivar and has come to [[:minka | Minka's]] aid on a few occasions.