Ormarr Aslifir

Just a guy that knows a guy.


Ormarr is a wiry kind of guy, his blonde hair is always kept backhoe wears a white suit with gold trim and also has a matching white coat and a serpent head’s cane to complete the look. He is considered very handsome.


Ormarr is a man that is fighting against his Families Reputation. As th son of Loki immediately many are quick not to trust him, which is a same, because the orphan is about one of the most loyal friends you can have. He also has inherited his Father’s silver tongue which he has used to make countless contacts all around. Primarily he works as a “fixer” for an agency working with problem clients and would be stars to get them under control and heading in the right direction. He has a particular dislike for his father though he never opens up as to why.

Ormarr Aslifir

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