Minka Soren

Just an Ordinary Life


Minka is what you would all quite lovely. she is leggy but tends to dress very conservatively. Minka is in her mid twenties and does have very fair, Norse features such as light blonde hair and light blue eyes. She is about 5’11 and 140 lbs, with a lean build. She can sometimes be a stick in the mud, in that she is not usually adventurous except for in the books she reads. She dresses very conservatively and is sometimes the epitome of anti-fun.


Minka has lived an ordinary life up until now as a Librarian for the Lunsar Public Library. Minka was born and raised in Connecticut. Her parents split up when she was very small, and for the most part mom and step dad raised her. She was always told her Bio Dad was a traveling businessman and that he would often be in other countries, hence why his visits were periodic. But Minka was always well provided for and had whatever she needed. She went to a very good school, education was very important to her family. She participated in a few sports and was valid Victorian of her high school class. She worked very hard for good grades, and was often teased for being a ‘goody two shoes" as well as her height and stick figure. She later when on to a prestigious college. Sadly, during the summer break between semesters her mother passed away of an unknown heart condition. The funeral was one of the few occasions her biological father visited, but Minka considered her step father as a real dad. Minka still keeps in contact with her step dad, and occasionally her biological dad too. By the time she was in college her tall appearance became less gangling, and she was pursued by many boys. Her anti-fun antics labeled her an ice queen by most regular boys, but she did date a few fellow students who were mature, smart and fairly wealthy like herself. After she graduated college Minka wanted to be by her favorite thing: knowledge. After studying her whole life, she became very fond of books and the pursuit of knowledge. She got a job as a librarian where she can hoard, categorize and be surrounded by books. She is very responsible, almost too much. She rents an apartment in a safe part of town, as a reliable car and decent income for her boring lifestyle of staying home and enjoying books. Minka is also fond of certain ’nerdy’ tv shows and enjoys writing and reading fanfiction in her ample spare time.


Minka Soren

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