Lieutenant Commander Zephan "Zee" Two-Feathers



Zee is a strapping man and depending on what he’s doing depends on his look. Most times he is a clean shaven Long haired biker with a leather jacket, jeans and a band t-shirt. However when acting in official capacity for the government he is in his navy uniform with high and tight hair.


Zee is the third in Shadow’s Group along with Moira Mostly he spends his time under cover monitor what the US government knows about supernaturals also heading up his own X-files like division. he is a slow progress but it’s not a race as he is also friends with Kamito and AJ. He is currently helping Minka develop contacts within the government under an Identity he set up for her as Lt. Carman Espanoza

Lieutenant Commander Zephan "Zee" Two-Feathers

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