King Minka

Don't call her a Queen.


King Minka is a tall woman 5’10, She has long atheltic legs and a tone physique, she dresses as a warrior when out in combat or raid and as a king she at home in her mead hall. her haior ranges from blonde to red depending on the time of year and how much she has been out in the sun.


King Minka grew up as a shield maiden. She fought along with the rest in defense of her tribe and was always treated as a warrior should. thru the year the King of her clan grew greedy and would begin to take more and more risk with the lives her and her fellow warriors. She Confronted the Greedy King who told her that if she didn’t want the danger she could be his wife and produce him heirs like a woman should. He was only able to laugh for a moment, because in the next, Minka had run her spear thru his throat.

After that She was named King of her Clan, the men respected her as even as King she would still lead the hunts. She had her Pick of any man or woman she wanted to bed and has brought her clan to prosperous times.

More Recently She became married to unify her and a neighboring Clan to her Lovely Queen Adderson. Her Queen the greatest beauty in the land is also a warrior in her own right and the two take turns leading their respective groups out for pillaging. the queen has insisted that they start considering candidates for her to bed in order to produce an Heir which has lead to a contest among the men.

King Minka is also consulting with her Seer Gudrun, in order to help guide the tribe as well as find the best man to give her a strong Heir.


King Minka

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