Kamito Mawaru

He sees how it all connects


Kamito is Half Japanese and Half Latino, the Latino have is very divine and he has worked himself up to a Demigod before retiring to the burbs. In his everyday guise he seems like an ordinary man with long mess black hair glasses and a five o’clock shadow in Hawaiian shirts and baggy slacks or shorts. In his divine visage he he a muscular and handsome man with Piercing Violet eyes and a mischievous smile.


Kamito began his divine career after the tragedy of losing his entire family and fiancee to rather dubious means. his father gave him his visitation and he ripped a reign of terror on all those responsible from Brazil to Arizona. along the way he met his to be wife and forever partner in Crime AJ. they rose thru the rank and became a fearsome Twosome until one day they just walked away. Now they are parents to a 8 year old girl named Samantha, and seem to want very little to do with their former identities.


Kamito Mawaru

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