Alexandra Josephine "A.J." Mawaru

The Last D.J.


A.j. in her mortal visage appears to me a mutt of European culture tanned skins dark brown hair and eyes and dresses in comfortable dresses or shirts and jeans. in her demigod visage is beautiful beyond words. a gorgeous warrior woman who you can not stop yourself from admiring with well toned muscles, tall and beautiful.


A.J. came from a broken home that she doesn’t like talking about. The day she fond out who her real dad was was the day she said adios and she hit the road. From there she became a viscous Bounty hunter and one day met up with a certain vengeful Mariachi. From there the Pair became notorious for large scale bloody fights, until one day they just quit and moved to the burbs. These days they raise their 8 year old daughter, thou they don’t wish to rejoin the war against the titans; they can be persuaded to do a favor or two for a respectful Hero up and coming.


Alexandra Josephine "A.J." Mawaru

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