Adderison "Addy" Grey

Too beautiful to be real


Addy is a beautiful young woman beyond compare. she doesn’t look a day over 18 years old and has long golden blond hair that ends in dark purple tips, her eyes are grey and almost shine like silver. she dresses in a manor that shows off her body usually in jeans and some kind of small shirt, tank or camisole.


One day Addy showed up and the Lunasar Public Library to star a new job…. the truth of the matter is that Addy is in fact the daughter of Frejya and a Valkryie who is trying to escape her fate. Ironically she had previously though her fate was to protect, Fall in love with, and possibly die for Shadow. Turns out her fate was tied to Minka whom she would have never met had she not run. Now she is stuck, running will do her no good any longer and she already finds her self quickly falling for the unassuming Librarian.. even before she accidentally triggered her awakening. The term “Fate doesn’t like to be cheated” certainly applies.

Adderison "Addy" Grey

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